Vint Cerf at SxSW 2017

An Internet for and by The People

There is a continued spread of affordable Internet access, and tools are widely available to make information useful and accessible. The users of the Internet are also the creators of its applications and its content. Focusing on the well-being of every person on the planet means assuring their access to knowledge they need to lead healthy and productive lives. Allowing anyone with new ideas to test them on the Internet and provide access to them to anyone on the planet seems the surest way to uncover the best ways for the Internet to produce social and economic benefit. Education and work are keys to dignity and self-worth and the People Centered Internet effort is committed to helping people find useful roles in a global economy.”

Vint Cerf

Vint Cerf, February 14, 2017
Join us on Sunday March 12 at 11 am where Vint will speak about the People Centered Internet with IEEE Spectrum Editor in Chief, Susan Hassler as part of the IEEE Tech for Humanity Series.

People Centered Internet is co-hosting with IEEE the “Future of the Internet” Meetup, March 12 at 3 pm, a more interactive and participatory session.

This is a wonderful opportunity as the People Centered Internet is expanding our efforts and John Ryan and Mei Lin Fung will be at SxSW looking to recruit individual and organizational members. If you are attending, and even if you are not able to attend SxSW 2017 at Austin TX:

Who should we speak with to discuss People Centered Internet membership?Please write to us at or 

We are happy that People Centered Advisory board member David Bray Eisenhower Fellow, who happens to be FCC-CIO, will be at SxSW with us.

Help us spread the word about this wonderful series of events at SxSW! And join us at the Tech for Humanity part on March 12 8-10 pm. 
The People Centered Internet is proud to partner with IEEE in the Tech Series for Humanity.