Monique Morrow – The Humanized Internet

By Monique J. Morrow, Co-Founder and President As a tenet The Humanized Internet [THI] is Human-centric Internet that empowers people, communities, societies and economies around the world. A self-organizing Humanized Internet where people are allowed to take control of their own destiny and unleash a whole new era of Personal Innovation, Creativity, and Free-Thinking Lifestyles. […]

Interview: Vint Cerf on the Future of the Internet

Vinton Cerf on Future of Internet A living legend in the tech world… Vinton Cerf is one of the ‘fathers of the Internet’, and is now ‘Chief Internet Evangelist’ at Google. We ask him to do some crystal ball gazing into the future of cyberspace. Source:

The Internet’s Next Frontier: Getting Better at Getting Better Together

Published by The Marconi Society – (article link) By Paula Reinman Coauthored by Mei Lin Fung Mei Lin Fung’s work is defined by her heritage, starting with her great-great grandfather who escaped famine in China by accepting indentured servitude in return for his passage British Guyana in South America. A self-made man who invested in education, […]

The Co-Inventor of Siri and Viv Focuses on Human Intelligence Augmentation in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Eileen Clegg Within 12 years, could we see ‘The Singularity’ — the merging of human + machine? That’s the popular meme on the streets of Silicon Valley, but Adam Cheyer calls it unlikely. And Cheyer has a deep understanding of artificial intelligence (A.I.) as the co-inventor of Apple’s Siri and, more recently, Viv, a company […]

What Makes Work Meaningful — Or Meaningless

Mei Lin Fung writes: “One reason to stay connected to the People Centered Internet is that we connect to each other and thrive ourselves by sharing a common goal: Connect to Thrive. This gives us meaning and purpose independent of everything else that is going on. It is not easy to stay connected – people […]

Connect to Thrive

Into the Digital Wild West… The Summit Connect to Thrive was co-hosted by the California Center for International Trade and People-Centered Internet on March 24th, 2017 at Skyline Community College in San Francisco. With more than 30 keynote speakers within a jam-packed day from 7.30am to 6.30pm, Connect To Thrive was more like a bootcamp than a regular […]

Internet Affordability Report 2017

Roving reporter Katim Touray writes to us about this report: “Interestingly, The Gambia (my country) has relatively high marks in the report, although these numbers belie the reality on the ground: I might have a 1 MB ADSL connection, but I only get electricity from the grid every other day! Nevertheless, it seems a lot […]

IEEE Internet Inclusion Advancing Solutions

IEEE Internet Inclusion Advancing Solutions was held on April 24-25th in Washington DC. The IEEE organized a powerful and impactful event that takes the first step to systematically developing standards and coordination processes for Internet Inclusion. Working groups convened on topics like Community Networks, Public Access, Evidence-based Research, Digital Literacy, Innovative Business Models and the Digital Gender […]