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By Monique J. Morrow, Co-Founder and President

As a tenet The Humanized Internet [THI] is Human-centric Internet that empowers people, communities, societies and economies around the world. A self-organizing Humanized Internet where people are allowed to take control of their own destiny and unleash a whole new era of Personal Innovation, Creativity, and Free-Thinking Lifestyles. The Humanized Internet is focused on providing digital identity to those individuals who are most vulnerable: women and children. 1.5 billion people around the world (over 21% of the world’s population!) cannot prove their identity. Most of the impacted people reside in Asia and Africa and are cut off from accessing basic services and rights.

In South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa respectively, only 39% and 44% of children have births registered.

In countries with identification programs in place, these programs are often found to be highly fragmented across institutions/agencies.

870 million people living in extreme poverty still do not have access to any kind of social assistance program.

With vast population being invisible to any formal system and lack of appropriate programs available in developing countries, the hope lies in modern technological solutions. Technology nowadays allows for efficient and scalable solutions to be deployed to connect participants of national and international ecosystems to collect available ID information and share across networks to create a robust digital ID.

The mission of The Humanized Internet (THI) is to provide persistent, secure, global intelligent digital identity to the world’s population, including the 1.5 billion people who currently lack legal identity. THI prioritizes the most vulnerable, including 230 million under the age of 5 who are identity-less. Identity is a fundamental right of all people and provides a foundational element for maintaining safe conditions around those in need.

The Humanized Internet will give all people the dignity of having a secure, persistent identity for all. By unlocking the power of a human optimized Internet through mobile devices, we envision a world in which people can travel freely with secure shareable access to their digital identity. We seek to eliminate human trafficking by connecting people across the globe through an unbreakable chain of information. Solving the most pressing issues of our time – 10 1x Billion+ People problems is our opportunity. In other words: what if we eliminate a billion starving moments, a billion moments of frustration, a billion moments of death and suffering etc.?

Can we create a billion moments of happiness, fairness, compassion, empathy, freedom, or opportunity?

Identity is at the core of it all along with the associated personal data that is collected

Most traditional systems are centralized and very fragmented.

We want to give more power to the person while realizing an ecosystem for existing personal ID data exists.

The promise of The Humanized Internet is far more vast and includes the following capabilities:

  • Gender equality
  • Border and Travel simplification
  • Privacy
  • Pollution
  • Access to clean water
  • Simplify Taxes
  • Access to healthcare
  • Capital access
  • Technology access
  • Education access

The world is exploding with potential – indeed our world is in Beta!

The journey is just beginning!



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