WEBINAR: Introducing USAID’s Gender and ICT Survey Toolkit

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
I 11AM-12PM ET I 17:00 CET


On September 29th, Michelle Bekkering, the Deputy Assistant Administrator at USAID leading the Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment portfolio, announced the launch of the Gender and ICT Survey Toolkit at Global Innovation Week.

Join us for a webinar with the USAID Digital Inclusion TeamIntroducing USAID’s Gender and ICT Survey Toolkit.

In terms of internet use, the UN International Telecommunications Union (ITU) estimates that the global internet user gender gap has grown from 11% in 2013 to 12% in 2016.

Cover image of the Gender and ICT Survey Toolkit released by USAID Digital Inclusion TeamUSAID’s Digital Inclusion team is launching the Gender and ICT Survey Toolkit to address the challenge of poor gender disaggregated data at the sub-national level. The Toolkit facilitates the collection of gender dis-aggregated information with a series of tools, including survey questions, focus group discussion guides and technical competence tests, as well as instruction on research design and data sorting. The release of the Toolkit is part of a series of interventions and partnerships initiated by USAID and the US Global Development Lab targeted at closing the digital gender divide.



Image of Jonathan Dolan, USAID Digital Inclusion Team Lead Jonathan Dolan, USAID Digital Inclusion Team Lead
Image of Erica Gendell, USAID Digital Inclusion Team Member Erica Gendell, USAID Digital Inclusion Team Member
Image of Catherine Highet, FHI 360 Technical Advisor Catherine Highet, FHI 360 Technical Advisor

Logos for USAID, mStar, and FHI 360


About USAID’s Digital Inclusion Team: Since 2012, USAID has focused on closing the digital gender divide through a series of projects including partnering with the private sector (such as with GSMA’s Connected Women Program which reached over 15 million women in 35 countries with new access to mobile technology), developing research and tools, and supporting policy advocacy for the right of women to participate in the digital economy. For more information on the Digital Inclusion team, see http://inclusion.digitaldevelopment.org/ and http://inclusion.digitaldevelopment.org/digital-gender-divide




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