Call to Action: Crisis Response in a Networked Age

By Mei Lin Fung and John Philpin

There is a great need to be able to verify individual identity while simultaneously safeguarding personal information.  Recent events that highlight this problem include the Equifax data breach; the recent series of hurricanes in the Atlantic; and, closer to home, the wildfires in California. To make matters worse, Californians are at the top of the list in the US as most likely to experience Identify Theft according to a recent Wallethub report. Crisis have the potential to leave people without valid ID and with no access to their medications & medication lists for extended periods of time. We are Individuals, Communities and Organizations that are networking together using technology as an enabler.

At this frontier where tech and people meet, we can use your help. We are already working with the Red Cross in California and beginning to look at Puerto Rico. Please provide your information by following the link below and completing the on-line form and we will take it from there.

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