Build an Internet for, and from, Us All

Left to right: Anasuya Sengupta, Siko Bouterse and Kira Allmann.Credits: Jasanpictures/CC BY-SA 4.0; Matthew Roth/CC BY-SA 3.0

The Internet is known to be a democratizing force, yet much of the content published on sites like Wikipedia remains skewed towards the biases of their North American or European editors, who are often in positions of power and privilege. In order to realize the full potential of the Internet and improve representation of marginalized communities online, greater diversity of content must be created, and curated, with the involvement of women, people of colour, and people connecting from outside the United States.

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  1. Dear Inna,
    Thank you so much for this article. You have highlighted such an important issue because wiki has become a defacto credible reference in every day conversation, yet, it is built with bias. The principles of wiki to uphold multiple perspectives is an ideal yet to be reached. I have seen this in action, as I watched the nurses in the us get their articles on healing trashed (reduced to a stub and then finally removed). I have also seen world views on ideas such as health care reduced to those of western commercial interests. It reflects what happens in life, in a way. A salient example is the cure for malaria. The local herb Artemesia was used for thousands of years in places that lived with it. Yet the western version of this ‘cure’ is now a drug and an md gets the nobel prize. No wonder we see biases on the net… its a reflection of life… these tools can help us get better, by seeing new solutions and perspectives that we would never have seen before.
    Thank you for your article, your words are appreciated by many people.

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