Introduction to NGI 2025 and Beyond

“This initiative by the European Commission, Directorate-General of Communications Networks, Content & Technology, takes a sweeping view of the current state of the Internet, its strengths but more importantly its weaknesses as we experience them today.

The report provides a broad framework for re-imagining the Internet in the context of human values: safety, security, privacy, protection from harm, enabling capacity, economic benefits and many other considerations. The security of the basic infrastructure needs attention as does privacy for users. Abusive content will be a persistent problem no matter how secure we can make the underlying substructure. Social norms in addition to enforceable legal frameworks will be needed and, most critically, they will have to work across jurisdictional boundaries. This report lays out in some detail the research and development work that needs to be done” –  Vint Cerf, PCI Chairman.

Read the report here.

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