DisrupTV Featuring Marci Harris And Dr. David Bray

On September 21, 2018, Marci Harris, CEO and Co-founder at POPVOX, and Dr. David Bray, Executive Director at People-Centered Internet (PCI) coalition and faculty, delivered a keynote talk on ‘Impact & Disruption’ at Singularity University.  They also spoke about the upcoming 10 December 2018 event, in collaboration with the DisrupTV hosts R “Ray” Wang and Vala Afshar. Watch […]

Future Decentralized Supply Chains

PCI Executive Director Dr. David Bray gave a main-stage talk at Singularity University’s Global Summit on Our People-Centered Digital Future. Below is a short article from that talk, on development of “a more people-centered approach to decentralized supply chains”. We welcome suggestions from members of the coalition about how this development could be accelerated by activities of […]

Africa: The Model for Internet Connectivity as a Global Right

By Desire Banse, Prometheus Computing UAS Innovations Group Lead, Contractor at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Africa is an example of rapid change that is centered on access and measurable change. For example, Google is building an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Laboratory in Ghana. Cote d’Ivoire has brought online its supercomputer in its ‘Centre […]

People-Centered Internet is Partnering with Constellation Research to Promote the Values of a ‘People-Centered Digital Future’

By Marci Harris, Dr. David Bray December 10, 2018   |  Fairmont San Jose You are invited to get involved On December 10th, 2018, the People-Centered Internet (PCI), will partner with Constellation Research to host a historic kick-off event. This historic cast of Internet pioneer and leaders in innovation as well as the next generation […]

Strengthening Pluralistic, Open Societies

By Dr. David Bray Never has 50% of humanity (i.e., approximately the percentage of people on the planet with access to the Internet as of 2018) had access to so much information per day. Yet with that access comes a challenge of our modern age: all of us can find information that supports our existent beliefs. […]

People-Centered Technology in the Heartland

Report from Tennessee By Marci Harris Over the past six months, as one of many in the rapidly expanding PCI network, I have been impressed with the breadth of its reach and the sense of shared purpose for leveraging technology for the benefit of all – and that this interest is not limited to the […]

Celebrating Steven Huter: Winner of the Jon Postel Service Award

This award is given not just for prowess, but for selflessness, for putting others above yourself. A rich heritage in the pioneering of the Internet in an age of continuing development means that awards like the ‘Jon Postel Service Award’, are as highly regarded an accolade as ever.  Steve Huter is a member of People-Centered Internet […]

The Search for Positive Outcomes

By Vint Cerf Anyone not living under a rock for the past decade will be well aware that the Internet, the WWW, and endless apps on smart phones have become risky places. There is digital danger, but amid the strident headlines and warnings, there is a great deal of beneficial activity in these environments. It […]

People-Centered Internet and Positive #ChangeAgents, Experiments, & Expertise in Our Exponential Era

The People Centered Internet (PCI) coalition, would like to highlight a blog post on why positive #ChangeAgents are needed – and why the diverse, empowerment, and horizon collaboration capabilities of those teams are essential for advancing a more “people-centered Internet” for the future. This blog post was originally posted here, and has been updated for PCI’s upcoming […]