The Search for Positive Outcomes

By Vint Cerf Anyone not living under a rock for the past decade will be well aware that the Internet, the WWW, and endless apps on smart phones have become risky places. There is digital danger, but amid the strident headlines and warnings, there is a great deal of beneficial activity in these environments. It […]

How and Why CIOs Should Support an Open Internet

Vint Cerf, Mei Lin Fung, and David Bray discuss the key initiatives of the People Centered Internet, and explain how leaders in technology can help to transform and encourage a more people-centered future for the world The textbook for the future has not yet been written – it is written by what we choose to […]

Vint Cerf Visits CENIC’s Annual Conference

The Unfinished Internet: Vint Cerf on Expansion, Education, and Preservation “Forty years after helping create the Internet, Vint Cerf, chief Internet evangelist at Google, believes there’s still work to be done. The Internet, according to Cerf, isn’t yet complete for several reasons: Around 3.5 billion people worldwide still don’t have adequate Internet access, including millions […]

Vint Cerf on Shared Vision of PCI and NSRC

In this video, Vint Cerf describes the shared vision of the People Centered Internet (PCI) and the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC) to coordinate complementary efforts in helping people develop and use more Internet infrastructure in underserved and unconnected areas around the world. Our goal is to connect people. Video credit: Andrew Kirkpatrick, Digital Media Developer for the […]

Forbes Interviews Vint Cerf

The Father Of The Internet, Vint Cerf, Continues To Influence Its Growth “As our conversation continued, however, he shared several concerns about the future of his creation. He indicates that his goal is to determine how to make the internet safer, more secure, and more private. He also co-founded the People-Centered Internet (PCI) with customer […]

Vint Cerf Featured On CBS News

We were happy to catch two videos – one that begins with talking with Vint Cerf and then goes on to explore “What defines a genius?” The second video has Vint Cerf discussing the prospect of a digital dark age. ________________________ If you liked this article, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook for […]

Health Factors for the Future of a Long-Term Open, Vibrant, Global Internet: Balance, Tensions, and Choices

By Vint Cerf I recently attended the 2nd Global Conference of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network in Ottawa. On the order of two hundred, people from many countries attended. The conference focused on Internet data, content and the Domain Name System (DNS) especially in transborder settings. The discussions sought to catalogue the problems arising and […]

Update from Vint Cerf, chairman

We are celebrating the arrival of our new Executive Director, David A. Bray, who is already fully engaged finding potential opportunities for PCI to make a difference in access to and use of the Internet. We are actively looking to find funding to assist in the recovery of identifying documents for people who lost their […]