Introducing new PCI Board Member, Justin Bryant

The People Centered Internet welcomes its newest board member, Justin Bryant, who will bring his robust background in law, policy, and technology research to his new role as PCI’s treasurer. Now a J.D. candidate at Stanford Law School, Justin’s expertise spans the data protection, public policy, and digital rights disciplines and crosses continents at the community, government, and nonprofit and research levels. 

Along with his role as treasurer, Bryant will focus on training a people-centered eye to every new and old PCI project and building capacity and scalability for grassroots digital solutions.

“My goal as part of PCI is to bring forward the importance of progressive digital policy that’s tailored to the needs of local populations and thinking about what privacy means to us in each of our communities." — Justin Bryant

Originally from the suburbs of Atlanta, Bryant has immersed himself in how technology law and policy work in practice, working across continents from Vienna to Beijing to Johannesburg. When it comes to data protection and privacy policy, Bryant said taking a global lens means looking beyond a one-size-fits-all solution. 

“The consequences of certain policies regarding openness have disproportionate effects depending on what part of the world you’re working in,” Bryant said.

During his masters fellowship in China, Bryant worked with government and business leaders, immersing himself in experiential learning and leadership training, and saw firsthand the nuances of digital rights across borders. 

His work in Johannesburg to build online data protection resource portal Data Protection Africa strives to make digital legislation more people- and culture-centered. It was a response to seeing governments instituting cookie-cutter digital rules and regulations without crafting their own tailored response.

“These conversations are being had without people in mind,” Bryant said.

Today, as a third-year J.D. candidate at Stanford Law School, Bryant continues his work to research and monitor digital regulation while advocating for progress at the community level. His multifaceted lens of the global technology and law landscape will enhance the PCI board’s scope of view. 

“I’m excited for the opportunity to work with folks like Marci, Mei Lin and Lin, who are proven changemakers who are so deep in these issues,” Bryant said.

Outside of his research, Bryant is a passionate trombonist, playing since his early school years in various styles, most recently a funk band. Bryant also expresses himself through cooking. 

“I see pots and pans as my blank canvas that I can fill with colors and flavors,” Bryant said. 

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