Project Eagle Feather Update:

Matthew Rantanan and Muriel Triggs participate in Western Governors’ Association webinar on Broadband Deployment in Tribal Communities

Project Eagle Feather is PCI’s Google-funded project supporting Native American connectivity efforts.

Matthew Rantanen was selected for the Western Governor’s Association’s (WGA) advisory group for Tribal and rural broadband connectivity.

He and PCI Community Member, MuralNet CEO, Muriel Triggs, joined WGA Chairman, North Dakota Governor Burgum, for a kick-off event, “Reimagining the Rural West,” to discuss Tribal barriers to entry to broadband connectivity and how to overcome them.

Topics ranged from lacking middle-mile fiber missing to connect tribes to the Internet, to policy-making at the FCC through public response to rule-makings and proposals, to EBS licensing opportunities with the Tribal priority. 

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