Working For An Internet That Works For People

Vision: PCI envisions a People-Centered sustainable future where digital systems serve People, Communities, and the Planet.

Mission: PCI Partners to Build Resilient Communities Enabled by Digital Infrastructure and Ecosystems, Informed by Local Priorities and Goals.

People-Centered Internet works to make sure that the Internet is a positive force for good, improving the lives and well-being of people around the world. Through our global initiatives, we promote connectivity, fight disinformation, add to the discussion about technology ethics, support the development of people-centered applications and initiatives, advise policymakers, and leverage technology to help communities be more resilient.

A Message from the founders

Vinton G. Cerf

“The People-Centered Internet (PCI) was founded in the belief that computers and networking could be the foundation for significant enhancement of the utility of the Internet for everyone. That the Internet and its applications have the innate ability to be powerful tools for progress has been demonstrated repeatedly ever since the operational beginning of the Internet and especially after the arrival of the World Wide Web. At the same time, we have learned from experience that this powerful platform can be and is being abused by people who do not have society’s best interests at heart. In the tussle between beneficial and harmful behaviors, our challenge is to preserve and encourage the former and discourage the latter. This should be a concern for all Internauts everywhere and is a key pillar of PCI focus from its founding. PCI welcomes all who feel a sense of mission aligned with the goal of making the Internet useful for everyone.”

Mei Lin Fung

“When we organized the 40th anniversary of the TCP/IP spec in 2014 I realized the global spread of the Internet was not a national or corporate or religious or political phenomenon but a rare and infinitely unique gift of people all over the world who wanted to bring it to their communities. We now face serious challenges as one of the most powerful tools in the hands of half of humankind, like fire, can be harnessed for good or bad. The People Centered Internet is just a short name for those who believe in an Internet by the people of the people and with the people of the world.”

The “PCI Community” is a group of people from around the world who share ideas together and support PCI’s goals. Members of the PCI Community gather in a community listserv and hold video calls for members or invited guests to present new projects, ideas, or host in-depth discussions.
PCI is very good at bringing diverse people together to think differently about a topic. The issues that we are tackling are not "silver bullet problems," they are "thousand bullet problems." We need many people from a wide variety of fields bringing their unique perspectives and expertise. The PCI community is a forum for that kind of collaboration.
Pablo Breuer
PCI Community Member

PCI Cofounder, Mei Lin Fung leads an international delegation and members of the PCI Community on a tour of Sonoma County that included an introduction to library connectivity programs  at Sonoma County Library and a discussion of agricultural tech at Iron Horse Vineyards.

How PCI Works

As a volunteer-led organization, PCI supports mission-aligned projects by convening experts and stakeholders, producing papers and recommendations, and through project advising and fiscal sponsorship. 

Areas of Current Focus

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