Can the Digital Economy Ever Be Sustainable?

By Mei Lin Fung Image: REUTERS/Toru Hanai “Connecting the dots means working with global players like the World Economic Forum where I was invited to be on the Global Future Council for Digital Economy and Society, and serve as a member of the Steering Committee for Internet for All. Seeing how the “global elite” operate […]

Cybersecurity of Small and Medium Businesses

By Lan Jenson, James Voorhees The cybersecurity of small and medium businesses (SMBs) doesn’t often make headlines, but it creates as much risk as the cybersecurity of government and big businesses like Target and Sony. Too often, people in SMBs believe that breaches only happen to others. Too often, too, they believe that nothing can […]

The Missing Voice and Choice in Cybersecurity

By Lan Jenson, James Voorhees It often seems that consumers are naked to the cyber world. The companies that keep their data online, like Equifax, allow hackers to scavenge it. They are attacked by thieves and scammers in their homes, which are increasingly vulnerable as the Internet of Things takes in more and more devices. Yet protecting consumers […]

On Privacy

By Vint Cerf Some time ago, I had speculated that privacy might be a fairly uncommon concept throughout much of human history and that the apparent loss of privacy in today’s online world might be a manifestation more of loss of anonymity rather than loss of privacy. Now an interesting historical article on privacy offers […]

We Need the Best of Each Other

By Khuyen Bui “Khuyen Bui Gia won the Drucker Challenge as a young undergraduate. We were privileged to have this reflective young voice, and old soul, to intern with us in Summer 2016. The chasm we face as the generation pre-internet in engaging in effective collaboration  is very well described in this thought provoking piece.”– […]