Project Coqui 4th Quarter 2018 Update

By Daksha Cordova “People-Centered Internet (PCI) has been a strong supporter of Project Coqui for over one-year. My background is intelligence innovation, a team sport where we outbox and outfox adversaries. PCI complements my strengths by ringing sensitivity and subject matter expertise to global issues. I am so grateful for their involvement, they inspire me […]

IEEE Internet Initiative Wraps Up Five-year Effort

New Connectivity Coalition and others will continue to work toward Internet inclusion By Deepak Maheneshwari PCI was a very active player in 3i – the IEEE Internet Initiative and we played a pivotal role in transitioning the Working Groups formed during our 3i Internet Inclusion Advancing Solutions bi-yearly series of meetings held from 2016 – […]

Four Internets Require Geopolitical Balancing Act

By Wendy Hall, DBE, FRS, FREng, Regius Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton, UK, Executive Director of the Web Science Institute at Southampton.  According to Wendy Hall, viewed through a geopolitical lens, the monolithic, unchanging Internet dissolves into at least four – different models are currently emerging from Beijing, Brussels, Washington and […]

Highlights, Insights and Soundbites from the “Our People-Centered Digital Future” Event

Held December 10, 2018 at the Fairmont Hotel, San Jose. The Occasion Marked the near 50% Tipping Point for Global Internet Access and 70 Years Since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Archive of the Livestream available online with subtitles. Visual Journal by Eileen Clegg and Yolanda Youngblood, Visual Insight A historic event scaling […]