Our People-Centered Digital Future

VIP's and Speakers

We may look back at the historic Our People-Centered Digital Future conference on December 10th, 2018 as representing a turning point from analog to digital thinking. Organized by Constellation Research and the People-Centered Internet (PCI) coalition, #OurDigitalFuture commemorated the  70th anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and internet penetration of half of humanity. And, the 50th anniversary of Douglas Englebart’s “mother of all demos” was not far from attendees’ minds.
Panelists and speakers leveraged lessons from the technology past as context for the digital future. The seven PCI properties of the internet we need  (reproduced at end of the entry) formed much of the agenda. In sessions (videos) and my discussions at the conference, these six consistent themes emerged:

  1. Beyond connectivity to realistic internet for good
  2. Beyond analog governance to a digital social contract
  3. Beyond open vs. secure dichotomy to “glocal” social context
  4. Beyond social responsibility to collaboration at scale
  5. Beyond “you as product” in era of trust, transparency, and the dark arts
  6. Beyond the “rise of the robots” to augmented humanity

Source: Constellation Research & FreeBalance Sites