Call to Action: Crisis Response in a Networked Age

By Mei Lin Fung and John Philpin There is a great need to be able to verify individual identity while simultaneously safeguarding personal information.  Recent events that highlight this problem include the Equifax data breach; the recent series of hurricanes in the Atlantic; and, closer to home, the wildfires in California. To make matters worse, […]

Building Trust in the Internet Amongst Those Not Connected Yet

By Maria Palombini, Director of the Digital Inclusion Through Trust Agency Program These are the very same people who do not have equal opportunities to enjoy financial stability, health or the right to interact and co-exist with all members of the global community. Their exclusion is not by choice but by circumstance. Today, there are […]

Current Principles of the People Centered Internet

David Bray has now joined us as PCI’s new Executive Director and has embarked on a “listening and learning” toward from PCI members and stakeholders. With his arrival, we would like to take a look back at our founding principles, and invite you to review and let us know your suggestions and comments on areas […]

PRESS RELEASE: New Policies Needed to Close the Digital Divide, Says Internet Society

“The People Centered Internet is strongly aligned with the Internet Society in its efforts to spread access to and the associated benefits of Internet. PCI recognizes that access is only the first step in a path towards local utlity of the Internet. Ironically, this global system produces real benefits when users discover locally useful information […]