News Flash March 23, 2018 – PCI Visits Puerto Rico

The People Centered Internet Puerto Rico team has applied to lead the development of a “Digital Puerto Rico” plan to leverage technology for recovery, resilience, and innovation on the islands. From initial disaster response efforts led by Melvin Cordova through Project Coqui, to “Dream Hubs” facilitated by Marti Grimmick’s International Connector, PCI has embraced a “Local […]

Vint Cerf Featured On CBS News

We were happy to catch two videos – one that begins with talking with Vint Cerf and then goes on to explore “What defines a genius?” The second video has Vint Cerf discussing the prospect of a digital dark age. ________________________ If you liked this article, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook for […]

Health Factors for the Future of a Long-Term Open, Vibrant, Global Internet: Balance, Tensions, and Choices

By Vint Cerf I recently attended the 2nd Global Conference of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network in Ottawa. On the order of two hundred, people from many countries attended. The conference focused on Internet data, content and the Domain Name System (DNS) especially in transborder settings. The discussions sought to catalogue the problems arising and […]

Innovative Resilience Calls to Support Puerto Rico

People Centered Internet is rallying for Puerto Rico – let’s show they are not forgotten! Please spread the word – and Thank YOU for who you are and all you do! Together we make the difference. ____________________________________ Is your company replacing tech?  By Feb 26, we need 10 laptops + 10 smartphones to support 10 […]

Championing Positive #ChangeAgents

People-Centered Internet (PCI) Co-Founder Mei Lin Fung and Executive Director Dr. David Bray participated in a video series highlighting the importance of positive #ChangeAgents around the world, at all levels of organizations and sectors, working to encourage more people-centered approaches to the Internet. #ChangeAgents and the People Centered Internet coalition #ChangeAgents Across Organizations and […]

Singularity University – David Bray, Faculty Member – A Better World From the Intersection of Technology and Society

With a background in bio-terrorism preparedness and response, as well as previous experience in intelligence and with the Federal Communications Commission, David Bray spoke in this FutureTech podcast produced by Singularity University about his belief that the ability to make the world better for all of us lies at the intersection of technology and society. David […]

Data, AI, and Algorithms: New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

Dr. Anthony Scriffignano, Chief Data Scientist at Dun & Bradstreet, and Dr. David Bray, Executive Director at People-Centered Internet, spoke recently with CxOTalk about big data, analytics, artificial intelligence and modern algorithms in 2018. David said, “Our objective (at the People Centered Internet) is to try and do demonstration projects that measurably improve people’s lives […]

Why cyber-resiliency matters more: Unprecedented change

Cyber-resiliency vs. cyber security: Dr. David Bray discusses why enterprises must build the power to bounce back “The importance of People-Centered Internet’s efforts has never been greater given global questions about the future of automation, AI, and increasing the cyber-resiliency both societies and companies. As species, we humans are experiencing unprecedented global change. Consider these […]