Internet Connectivity for Native Americans – TDVNet

PCI is working with the Tribal Digital Village in the San Diego area to help them improve the infrastructure they use to deliver Internet service via the Tribal Digital Village Network (TDVNet). This system collaborated with the UC San Diego High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network developed by Hans-Werner Braun, the former CTO of MERIT, the organization that managed the NSFNET in the 1985-95 period. We have also engaged with Executive Director Robert Freling at the Solar Electric Light Fund to assess the potential for improved solar power support and with Steven Huter, Executive Director of the Network Startup Resources Center at the University of Oregon to organize a training program to prepare local Native American engineers and other volunteers to assist with upgrading of the TDVNET system.

Matthew Rantanen

Matthew is the Director of Technology for the Southern California Tribal Chairmen’s Association (SCTCA) and Director of the Tribal Digital Village (TDVNet) Network/Initiative that was started in 2001 designing and deploying wireless networking to support the tribal communities of Southern California. A “cyber warrior for community networking,” focused on technology development and connectivity in the Tribal community, he was 2-term appointed member, FCC Native Nations Broadband Task Force, Appointed by Chairman Genachowski, reappointed by Chairman Wheeler. Matthew was called upon by the White House during the Obama administration to work with the CTO and staff to identify and solve connectivity issues in the communication deserts of the USA. He helped create the UMOYA Corporation (not for profit), and the Tribal International Carrier component, mapping and cost analyzing the missing middle-mile piece of connectivity for Tribal communities in North America.