2018 Hurricane Recovery in Puerto Rico – (Completed)

Melvin Cordova

Melvin Cordova heads Zeus Direct which develops mission critical solutions and capabilities for high stakes environments by accelerating high speed processes for transitioning robust capabilities to operational use. He is the former Director of Innovation for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) who directed investment in more than 100 innovations for the In-Q-Tel Program (CIA’s Venture Capital arm).

Marci Harris

Marci Harris is passionate about the responsible use of technology to benefit humanity. She is cofounder and CEO of POPVOX, a neutral, nonpartisan platform with a mission “to provide technology that informs and empowers people and makes government work better for everyone.” She is formerly served as counsel for a Ways & Means subcommittee chairman in the U.S. Congress and led tornado recovery efforts for Jackson, Tennessee. She was a fellow with the Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center for Democracy (2016), New America California (2017), and is an affiliated scholar with the CITRIS Policy Lab at UC Berkeley. She currently serves on the American Political Science Association’s task force on Congressional Modernization.

Linton Wells II

Dr. Lin Wells focuses on the links between policy, technology and decision-making, especially in community resilience and cybersecurity. He has extensive civilian government leadership experience in national security affairs, including service as acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration and Department of Defense Chief Information Officer. He is the President and CEO of Global Resilience Strategies and Executive Advisor to the C4I and Cyber Center at George Mason University, as well as at its Community Resilience Laboratory.