Internet Connectivity and Inclusion in West Africa

Desire Banse

Desire Banse has worked on evaluations and technology metrology at NIST designing large-scale multi-purpose online platforms for researchers in Machine Translation, Speaker and Language Recognition, and Mobile Network Technologies. His work at Prometheus Computing as the UAS Innovation Group Lead spans computer vision, sensors hardware and AI for Industry and Government use cases. Coming from Burkina Faso, and having studied in France, Desire is working on experimental designs for innovative solutions to problems like food security, access to power/energy and information in West Africa. He has worked with farmers and electricity professionals in Burkina in order to use drones to help them in their respective domains. He has written about the Internet Connectivity in Africa and his vision on a connected world that works for everyone especially Africans. He’s a strong advocate of technology that empowers people to improve their lives. His work leverages modern tools for fast delivery, rapid prototyping and a special focus on user education and technology adoption in challenging environments.