Eileen Clegg

Eileen Clegg, MA, FRSA, is founder of the company Visual Insight, working with top leadership for Fortune 100 companies and nonprofits to use imagination in their planning and execution. Using large-scale graphics and visual storytelling, she helps organizations leverage individuals’ creativity, knowledge and intuition to mobilize toward shared aspirations.

Her Visual Insight clients include top leadership of IBM, Telenor (Youth Summit for the Nobel Peace Prize), Microsoft, Federal Health Futures (a consortium of federal health agencies), NetApp, Kaiser Permanente, Rockefeller Foundation, Art Center College of Design, O’Reilly Media, Pfizer, Gilead BioSciences, American Society of Training and Development, and the Gates Foundation.

Eileen was a daily newspaper journalist before a career change led her to Institute for the Future, where large-scale graphics were used in futures forecasting. She developed her unique visual practice in 2001. She has written and illustrated numerous books on the topics of women, leadership and creativity.  She is known for her large-scale timeline murals that tell history in murals, including Co-Evolution of Human and Tool Systems and Women Inventors and Innovators.

Eileen completed her B.A. degree in Philosophy at U.C. Berkeley and M.A. in Psychology with a focus on Jungian Symbols at Sonoma State University. She is a fellow in the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (the RSA) in London.  

Her editorial support for People Centered Internet brings her back to her journalism roots.

Community Update: Congratulations, JokkoSanté!

People Centered Internet congratulates community member, Adama Kane, whose health-focused digital payments app, Senegal-based JokkoSanté, won the USAID Inclusive Health Access Prize. “JokkoSanté is a health-focused digital payments app that improves accountability in the local health system in Senegal by tracking medicines and enabling payments for health services,” according to the USAIDannoucement. “The desktop and

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PCI Conversations: Sascha Meinrath, the M-Lab, and the need for reliable broadband maps

Reliable information about access to broadband is essential to efforts designed to ensure equal access to broadband. The Federal Communications Commission’s National Broadband map is missing the mark, however, because it relies on self-reporting by Internet service providers for information. That was the message of Sascha Meinrath, the Palmer Chair in Telecommunications at Pennsylvania State University, when he joined the January 19 PCI Community call. The reporting discrepancy exacerbates the digital divide and disadvantages rural communities.

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A People-Centered Look at Smart Cities

What good is a “smart city,” if it doesn’t improve people’s lives?

The trajectory of smart cities has evolved from a purely technology-centered approach to a government-centered approach. It is now becoming increasingly clear that “smart” technologies must be implemented for and with the people they are meant to serve. While many initial attempts at building smart cities have not evolved past the technology-centered phase, there is growing understanding that a people-centered approach is the future.

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People-Centered Internet Announces New Board Chair, New Member

Press Release — January 1, 2020 PALO ALTO, CA — People-Centered Internet (PCI)today is announcing the appointment of a new board chair and the addition of a new member to its Board of Directors: PCI cofounder, Mei Lin Fung, begins her term as board chair on January 1, 2020, stepping into the role previously held by

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