Kristin Little

Kristin Little is an evaluator with roots in urban planning and international development. In her 14+ years with the World Bank, she designed, conducted, and contributed to field-based, mixed-methods evaluations of World Bank loans covering over US$200 billion in investments in areas such as infrastructure, disasters, vulnerability to climate change, water, cultural heritage, and social development. The evaluations helped shape new policies and improve resource allocation, with the aim of better addressing the problems that countries and project beneficiaries wanted to solve. Kristin has authored over thirty evaluations and papers. Her most recent work for the World Bank focused on fostering innovation in the development context, and recommending ways the World Bank Group could be better equipped to mobilize disruptive and transformative technologies for development. Kristin holds a bachelor’s degree in International Development Studies from UC Berkeley, and two master’s degrees from MIT—MCP (Urban Planning) and MArch (Architecture).


PCI launches new Digital Cooperation and Diplomacy Initiative

As PCI’s leaders remind us every day, the Internet was created by people, to connect people. This people-centered, cooperative essence permeates its history and at PCI, we want it to guide its future. Today, with the launch of our new Digital Cooperation and Diplomacy Initiative, PCI is committing to continuing on that path. By creating worldwide connections, facilitating critical conversations to solve today’s problems, and designing and imagining a people-centered future of the Internet, PCI’s new DCD Initiative seeks to follow in the footsteps of the originators of the Internet and harness their spirit of cooperation for a new age of connectedness.

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People-Centered Internet announces Kristin Little as Digital Cooperation and Diplomacy Fellow

Palo Alto, CA, April 3, 2020 — People-Centered Internet, a California-based 501(c)3 organization with a mission to “put humanity at the center of the Internet,” announced the appointment of Kristin Little as Digital Cooperation and Diplomacy Fellow for a new “Digital Cooperation and Diplomacy” initiative. PCI’s Digital Cooperation and Diplomacy (“DCD”) initiative builds on the

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A People-Centered Look at Smart Cities

What good is a “smart city,” if it doesn’t improve people’s lives?

The trajectory of smart cities has evolved from a purely technology-centered approach to a government-centered approach. It is now becoming increasingly clear that “smart” technologies must be implemented for and with the people they are meant to serve. While many initial attempts at building smart cities have not evolved past the technology-centered phase, there is growing understanding that a people-centered approach is the future.

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