Sarah Wright

Sarah Wright is an expert communicator who has worked at all levels of politics, from a global think tank to the halls of Capitol Hill and today, as a journalist covering hyperlocal politics and education for the Half Moon Bay Review. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, focusing her studies on where international policy and communications intersect science and technology.

Most recently, Sarah worked in digital politics, writing and editing fundraising and engagement copy on behalf a wide range of clients — gun control advocacy groups, environmental organizations, and members of Congress — to help them carve out a distinct voice in the crowded digital space, boost engagement with their brand, and drive donations, all in the pursuit of social good.

Originally from Lake Tahoe, Sarah is passionate about being outdoors and advocating for environmental justice. She combines her education in international environmental and energy policy with her experience researching and writing for the Environmental Law Institute to bring an international lens to the local and global climate and conservation fights. And during the summer of 2019, Sarah hiked all 2,653 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail from Canada to Mexico.

Sarah is joining PCI to bring her policy background and eye for captivating and precise content to this innovation-driven team.

Tiffany Brar awarded Highest Woman Award by the President of India

We are proud to offer our highest congratulations to Tiffany Brar, PCI Fellow and Ambassador to the Community of the Visually Impaired. Tiffany received the “Nari Shakti Puraskar” Award, which is the highest civilian honor for women in India, presented by the President of India on March 8, International Women’s Day. Award-winning activist Brar is

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The Rehumanize Institute Releases “Ethics at Work: Dilemmas of the Near Future and How Your Organization Can Solve Them” and announces the launch of the Responsible Business Podcast

Two of our People Centered Internet community members contributed to the brand new anthology Ethics at Work: Dilemmas of the Near Future and How Your Organization Can Solve Them. This series of essays is compiled and edited by Kris Ostergaard. Mei Lin Fung, chair of the People Centered Internet, wrote back to back chapters with Divya Chander, MD PhD.and Faculty Chair for Neuroscience at Singularity University.  Mei Lin’s chapter was on Human Relationships: The Ethical Heart of Resilient Organizations and Communities and Divya Chander wrote Neural Sovereignty and Neural Rights.

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Digital Finance in Africa

Digital finance in Africa cannot be told without the mention of m-pesa and mobile money in Kenya. The story is told of a post-independence Africa that was pursuing its quest for industrialization and urbanization. This resulted in increased rural to urban migration, often leading to family members, pursuing job opportunities in the urban areas with

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PCI’s Annual Round-Up | 2022

PCI’s Annual Round-Up | 2022 Hi everyone, this is a year-end update from the board of the People Centered Internet This will be a time that will be remembered for generations after us. We have reached the second of the Covid New Years that have upturned our lives. The ways we live, work and play

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Gender Evasion, by Tamara Singh

In 2019, an American business magazine published a list of America’s Most Innovative Leaders.  Featuring 102 beacons of success (two organisations had co-founders), the ranking drew attention not just for its examination of the innovation ecosystem in America, but also for the fact that only one of the featured leaders was a woman.  The ensuing

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