September 24, 2020, we launched
digital cooperation and diplomacy day at 

What is Digital Cooperation and Diplomacy Day?

As part of the celebration of the United Nations’ 75th Anniversary, the series of dialogues at ScienceDigital@UNGA75 ushers in a new era for our personal commitment to acting on science, technology and art in an interconnected and interdependent way. Our goal is to shift the culture of science to be more human, and to share our hopes and inspiration so that each of our actions on the micro scale will lead to a macro effect. It all started 9/24 with our three act play: The Art of Learning, The Art of Health, and The Science of Thriving. 
Just by tuning in, you are part of the solution.  

Join our emergent informal network in taking on this challenge and be part of the conversation on social media by using #Connect2Thrive.

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“When we set out to build the Internet we knew it could grow. We never imagined what it would become. As it has scaled, so has the responsibility to ensure it is available and additive to our lives. Like many new tools, we have seen it can be a power for good and also lead us down dangerous paths. We have work to do. Especially now, as we navigate a virus that has shaken the world, we must adapt.”

About PCI

People-Centered Internet (PCI) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to ensure that the Internet is a positive force for good, improving the lives and well-being of people around the world. This includes promoting connectivity, fighting disinformation, contributing to the discussion about technology ethics, supporting the development of people-centered applications and initiatives, advising policymakers, and leveraging technology to help communities be more resilient.