CXOTALK with Vint Cerf, David Bray, and Michael Krigsman on “The Future of the Internet and Why More People-Centered Efforts Are Needed”

CxOTalk host Michael Krigsman recently invited People-Centered Internet’s chairman Vint Cerf and Executive Director Dr. David Bray to discuss the future of the Internet, the interplanetary Internet, the importance of open protocols to society, transparency and the Internet, where the Internet came from and where is it going, and why more people-centered efforts are needed. Read More

David Bray Talks at AI World

PCI Executive Director and Senior Fellow at the Institute for Human-Machine Cognition Dr. David Bray, delivered a keynote presentation on “Practical AI Ethics, Opportunities, and Pitfalls for Organizations” at AI World 2018 held in Boston, MA. Watch the recorded talk below. If you liked this post, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook for Read More

AI’s Role in Addressing Global Challenges Related to Health and Healthcare in the 21st Century

On February 15th, 2019, Invention Ambassadors Rachel Walker (UMass Amherst Nursing) and Rick Hamilton (Optum) and PCI Executive Director Dr. David Bray talked about what the future of health looks like with AI and what must happen before we can get there.  Watch the discussion recording below. If you liked this post, you can follow us on Read More

24Life Interview Dr. David Bray

24Life interview PCI Executive Director Dr. David Bray on how can society expand on the many benefits of digital life while also reducing the negative impacts, and why you should care about a people-centric digital future. Read the interview here. ________________________ If you liked this article, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more Read More

Project Coqui 4th Quarter 2018 Update

By Daksha Cordova “People-Centered Internet (PCI) has been a strong supporter of Project Coqui for over one-year. My background is intelligence innovation, a team sport where we outbox and outfox adversaries. PCI complements my strengths by ringing sensitivity and subject matter expertise to global issues. I am so grateful for their involvement, they inspire me Read More

Signposts Towards a Human Noosphere

The idea of a human noosphere, or global collective consciousness, comprised much of the idealism of the web in the late 20th century. However, as we worked towards this vision, we discovered that our human natures, both as individuals and as collective organizations, introduced speed bumps along the way. As our world becomes increasingly connected, Read More

Our People-Centered Digital Future event (live-stream)

On December 10, join Internet and technology pioneers Vint Cerf, Wendy Hall, Tim Berners-Lee, along with key visionaries David Bray, Mei Ling Fung, Marci Harris, and many more positive #ChangeAgents, to reflect on the past three decades and pave the path for the future of the Internet. See the full speaker list and more information Read More

Podcast: A Fireside Chat with PCI Executive Director Dr. David Bray and the Emerging Technology Council on Developing and Implementing People-Centered AI

PCI Executive Director, Dr. David Bray, sits down with Propelics Sr. Mobile Strategist, Glenn Gruber, for the Emerging Technology Council’s monthly roundtable to discuss the capabilities and consequences of Artificial Intelligence at the human and organisational levels. They cover key topics related to AI integration in enterprise, healthcare, and diplomacy, while addressing privacy and security Read More

Building Resilient Communities in Puerto Rico

Innovative Resilience aims to spark economic development and support communities in Puerto Rico hit hard by Hurricane Maria through the development of resilience hubs. Their newest hub, located in Arroyo, provides technology and connectivity to a community severely lacking in resources as they attempt to build a more resilient future.  ________________________ By Marti Grimminck and Rafael Read More