An invitation to Help Project Coqui Support the Summer Camp in Puerto Rico


Project Coqui invites friends and family network to sponsor a Summer Camp in Humacao, Puerto Rico, scheduled from 3 to 29 June 2019. The Summer Camp for children from low-income families is organized with the support of a local not-for-profit organization – Instituto Nueva Escuela – and focuses on fun and educational activities that foster family values, integrity, and being a good citizen in the community.

“This is the best place to spend time away from school, where kids get to learn and explore through different camp themes each week,” says Mel Cordova, Project Coqui lead for PCI. “Our goal is to provide the children with a safe, stimulating, and nurturing environment where they feel encouraged to grow and thrive throughout the summer. During their time at the camp, they will learn about new age technology, sports, arts, science, nature, camping, music and dance.  In coordination with the President of the World Boxing Association, we received the commitment that a former Puerto Rican World Boxing Champion, with an inspiring story to overcome fears and assume greater responsibilities, is going to serve as a role model and speak to the children about achieving their potential.”

Humacao is located next to ground zero for Hurricane Maria. Unfortunately, last year only four children received Summer Camp sponsorship. We invite you to make a contribution – no matter how big or small – to help sponsor children from low-income families to participate in this summer experience. Project Coqui is hoping to sponsor more than the local community.

If additional funds are collected during the Summer Camp, they will be used to sponsor Judo classes as after school activities.

Support Humacao Children’s Summer Camp

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