Digital Humanism for Life in the Cloud

Digital Humanism for Life in the Cloud

In a summary of a chapter in the forthcoming book, “Society X.O in the Rise of a New Epoch – The Human Factor in Social, Economic and Relational Ecosystems”, Mei Lin Fung and Leng Lim explore what we really mean by “home on the cloud”, and consider the future of our digital lives.

While the cloud primarily serves for-profit private enterprises, if the cloud were to be used to benefit humankind, both production and distribution could be improved in innumerable ways, with new precision. If such tools are managed for everyone’s benefit, it will be possible to dial the levers up or down for many important functions in society, especially at the subnational and neighborhood level.

For now, Fung & Lim suggest, divisions tear at the human fabric, tilting the winnings to whichever tribe knows how best to leverage digital technology to win the power game. It is within our reach to change this, but we must collectively gather the will to do it.

The solution? Fung & Lim suggest that digital humanism driven by the love of people and planet is urgently needed as a counterweight to what will otherwise be an inevitable digital colonization driven by profit.’

“We are connected now. The human factor in social, economic and relationship ecosystems can no longer be ignored. We can see, measure and model these interactions. We have an incredible opportunity to share and learn so we can find ways to flourish together on our planet home: what that visionary Marshall McLuhan called Spaceship Earth.”

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