DisrupTV Featuring Marci Harris And Dr. David Bray

On September 21, 2018, Marci Harris, CEO and Co-founder at POPVOX, and Dr. David Bray, Executive Director at People-Centered Internet (PCI) coalition and faculty, delivered a keynote talk on ‘Impact & Disruption’ at Singularity University. 

They also spoke about the upcoming 10 December 2018 event, in collaboration with the DisrupTV hosts R “Ray” Wang and Vala Afshar.

Watch the interview below:

Marci Harris, who was voted one of the top 100 creative people in business by FAST Company, and is currently serving on the board of People-Centered Internet (PCI), as is David Bray, who has also been described as a ‘change-maker”. Both are quizzed on their strategic motivations in this exclusive interview.

Key topics include a discussion around the values and objectives of the PCI coalition; its’ background, influence, and reach, and encapsulates key challenges, such as increasingly polarisation of communities and individuals, occurring as a result of the internet. 

“Together the vision of the PCI coalition is to demonstrate projects that measurably improve people’s lives, and we are looking at how technology is taking away from our time to think, and helping to fuel other challenges, such as misinformation online”, explains Dr. David Bray.

“There are all third and forth order effects on communities and societies”, explains Dr. Bray, and so what we really want to do is to bring people together, and espouse what Doug Engelbart said fifty years ago, which is that we should be using technology to bring people together in collaboration, rather than pulling them apart”.

This interview raises pertinent and topical issues with clarity, and insight, and ultimately brings strategic solutions, and foresight, into play.


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