Native Americans on Tribal Land Are ‘The Least Connected’ to High-Speed Internet

By Hansi Lo Wang

Native Americans on Tribal Land Are 'The Least Connected' to High-Speed Internet
Houses on the Navajo Nation sit near sandstone cliffs north of Many Farms, Ariz. New Census Bureau estimates show a low rate of high-speed internet access among Native Americans who live on tribal land.
David McNew/Getty Images

“Until we can ensure that deployment by providers includes fiber access on tribal reservations, this title will always ring true. Short of Elon Musk’s Low Earth Orbit Satellite solution, or Google’s ProjectLOON, fiber access on tribal land at $1/Mb per month is the real catalyst to get all of the tribes a true option for meaningful backhaul to build out their own network solutions” – Matthew Rantanen, Native American Initiative Lead, PCI.

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