People Centered Supply Chain Requires New Skills

On October 26 2018, Mei Lin Fung addressed an audience of government and business leaders, attending the Crowdsourcing Week Global Conference in Washington D.C., on the opportunity to leverage crowdsourcing in the online Business to Business (B2B) arena which is already 2.5 times larger than online Business to Consumer (B2C).

In order to anticipate the infrastructure and skills that will be required as supply chains evolve, Singapore is developing ‘Industry Transformation Roadmaps’ for 33 industries. These roadmaps take advantage of the Internet and technological developments to track emerging jobs. Mei Lin showed maps from Singapore’s tourism sector that project future jobs with evolving technical and generic skills.

An example from the agricultural industry highlights how the Internet and technology can reconfigure the agricultural supply chain of 40 million smallholder farmers in South East Asia, as real-time tracking and logistics enables farmers to increase their incomes.

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Mei Lin Fung at Crowdsourcing Week Global 2018.pdf


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