Privacy, Security, and Ethics in an Asymmetric World & Global Citizenship in an Exponential Age

By Dr. David Bray

Representing the People-Centered Internet coalition, Executive Director Dr. David Bray participated in a Salzburg Global Seminar on “Privacy, Security, and Ethics in an Asymmetric World” held in Austria. A full report has just been published and is available for download here. David also wrote an op-ed on Laws, Tech, and Narratives for the Future that was published by the Salzburg Global Seminar as well, which can be found here

Also – David recently spoke at a major summit in Canada and stated, “Through shared narratives, the enforcement of laws, and use of technologies, humans have shaped social norms and reshaped how power (i.e. the capability to compel or oblige someone to take a certain course of actions) has been distributed in our communities. Now, with the beginning of the 21st century, we are facing big questions of “Quo Vadis?” — So, the question is, “where do we want to go?” Communities and human societies, especially given the recent rate of new technologies challenging the distribution of power within our global footprint. With these changes, there is both a huge opportunity for improving our communities with people-centered approaches, as well as significant challenges where our digital future may not be as hopeful as we would like it to be. 

The following two videos discuss these issues and more, with PCI’s Dr. David Bray presenting for the first video on these topics and joining a panel with the Mayor of Edmonton Don Iverson, SU Faculty Anne Connelly, and Neil Desai for the second.

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