Project Coqui 4th Quarter 2018 Update

By Daksha Cordova

“People-Centered Internet (PCI) has been a strong supporter of Project Coqui for over one-year. My background is intelligence innovation, a team sport where we outbox and outfox adversaries. PCI complements my strengths by ringing sensitivity and subject matter expertise to global issues. I am so grateful for their involvement, they inspire me in ways that at times I catch myself daydreaming that I am young and can start the journey all over again . . . But we rather pass the knowledge and skills, so others can do something special and do greatness one community at the time. May the stories shared in this report pique the interest and pleasure of the reader. Everyone can play a role as a volunteer to make the world a better place for the liberation of the receiver, not the redemption of the giver” – Melvin Cordova, Project Coqui Lead.

Read the Project Coqui 4th Quarter 2018 Update here.


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