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Every year, PCI Coalition member Amy Webb makes available a comprehensive annual report on emerging technologies, which includes data-driven trends and analysis, optimistic/ neutral and catastrophic futures scenarios and many other features. Her latest report includes 315 tech and science trends across 26 different industries, 5 weak signals for 2020, 48 scenarios, 9 toolkits and frameworks, 5 non-technical primers and 3 glossaries intended for executives, and a ranking of the world’s 50 smartest cities. 

Webb is the founder of the Future Today Institute, a leading foresight and strategy firm that helps leaders and their organizations prepare for complex futures. Her strategic foresight methodology is now used by hundreds of companies, government agencies and military divisions worldwide – and Webb makes all of FTI’s research and tools open source and freely available to the public, including her annual report. The report and all of FTI’s resources can be downloaded from its website. 

We operate with a ‘nowist’ mindset,” Webb explains. “We tend to plan for the next few years of our lives more than any other time frame. Nowist thinking champions technological achievements, but it absolves us from taking responsibility. We too easily forget that our actions in the present could have serious consequences in the future. For that reason, I made all of my work open source many years ago. I hope to encourage more people to engage in strategic foresight using a rigorous methodology, structured frameworks and, of course, data.”

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