Female Network Will Deter Cybersecurity Threats

By Mariah Kenny

Image: Nancy Honey/Getty Images

“I recently participated in a conference on IOT security at the University of Virginia where I met the author of this next contribution, Mariah Kenny. Like many who have been associated with computer science for many decades, I had been concerned that the participation of women in the field had dwindled. It was with considerable interest to me to find that Mariah and her teammates, all women, were setting records with their wins in information security. In fact, they were so good at this that they set up a company to provide information security consulting services. Meticulous and thorough, it is clear that Mariah and her colleagues are very well suited to the practices that are needed for serious information security work. I came away from my meeting with Mariah vastly encouraged!” – Vint Cerf, Chairman

Read the article here.

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