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08 July 2022
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The Marconi Society offering Digital Inclusion webinar with Vint Cerf on Sept 15

Dear PCI Community, The Marconi Society, a nonprofit chaired by Vint Cerf and dedicated to bridging the digital divide, is offering a complimentary webinar called The Issues That Keep Us Up at Night, which will take place on September 15 at 11 a.m. ET. Moderated by luminary Sir David Payne, panelists Vint Cerf (Google), Jane Coffin (ISOC), Joseph Read More

The Decade of Digital Inclusion – Marconi Society

The Decade of Digital Inclusion brings communities together in the service of a digitally inclusive future. This timely conversation can only be hosted by the Marconi Society, a nonprofit that bridges the communities of advanced technology and digital inclusion. The event itself will explore how leaders in policy, technology, and digital inclusion advocacy can collaborate Read More

IGF 2021 Open Forum #62 EU Delegation to the IGF & the Youth IGF Theme (EMERGING AND CROSS-CUTTING) Inclusive IG ecosystems and digital cooperation Round Table - U-shape - 60 Min Add this session to your schedule by clicking here. Description   We will discuss how the young and the Youth IGF Leaders can influence choice of internet policies.  The main idea of the present proposal for an Open Forum Read More

Invitation to the 2021 EQUALS in Tech Awards!

2021 EQUALS in Tech Awards  Thursday 9 December 2021  15:35 to 16:35 CET Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Click here to register and mark your calendar. Please carefully read the guidelines on how to complete the registration to attend our event. You are cordially invited to attend the 2021 EQUALS in Tech Awards, to be held virtually within the Read More

Digital Humanism Lecture Series

Virtual Meeting

Speaker: Antonio Casilli (School of telecommunications engineering | Polytechnic Institute of Paris) Moderator: Enrico Nardelli (University of Roma ‘Tor Vergata’, Italy) (Sociologist, What is a 'Truly Ethical' Artificial Intelligence? An end-to-end approach to responsible and humane technological systems   About the Series Digital humanism deals with the complex relationship between man and machine. It acknowledges the potential of Informatics Read More

Clean-IT openXchange: As the World Digitizes, We Must Avoid the Plastics Problem

Virtual Meeting Speaking: PCI Board Chair Mei Lin Fung Zoom Link: (Meeting ID: 696 6844 3297 Passcode: 24778554) Description: Clean IT Initiative Clean-IT openXchange: The clean-IT openXchange is a series of live talks and events on sustainable digitization. Once every month, experts present a topic on which participants can then directly ask questions and discuss. The topics Read More

Digital Humanism Lecture Series

Virtual Meeting

About the Series Digital humanism deals with the complex relationship between man and machine. It acknowledges the potential of Informatics and IT. At the same time, it points to related apparent threats such as privacy violations, ethical concerns with AI, automation, and loss of jobs, and the ongoing monopolization on the Web. The Corona crisis Read More

European Union-African Union Summit, Science and Innovation side events, 14-18 February 2022

The AERAP Africa-Europe Science Collaboration Platform will organize side events at the AU-EU Summit on 14-18 February. The purpose of the meeting will be to promote awareness of the contribution of collaborative research and development as a critical aspect of EU-Africa relations and collaborations, in particular in addressing global challenges together. This is a free Read More

Women in Tech Conference on May 12 and 13, 2022

Equal opportunities in the working world of the IT sector need a cultural change in companies. The Hasso Plattner Institute's first Women in Tech conference creates a stage for strong voices to speak up about biases and hurdles in corporate structures and become vocal about the challenges and the change needed.