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Science Summit UNGA77

13 September 2022
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Conversation on Assessing Meaningful Community Engagement To better assess the extent, process, and impact of community engagement, the NAM Leadership Consortium partnered with a diverse and inclusive Organizing Committee to develop a new resource illustrating the dynamic relationship between community engagement and measurable and meaningful outcomes, called the Assessing Community Engagement Conceptual Model. The model demonstrates how meaningful community engagement Read More

Oregon Tribal Broadband Summit

This event will continue to build a collaborative community of practice as we bring together Tribal leaders and technology staff, relevant federal & state government agency representatives and policy makers, broadband infrastructure experts, and others working in areas related to Tribal broadband in Oregon and surrounding regions.

Internet Poverty Index Launch Event

Be part of the discussion on the methodological breakthrough and extension of the current definition of global poverty by examining innovative thresholds to assess the internet poverty concept. Sign up for our exclusive webinar if you haven't registered yet for free.

AI4Good: Can AI get rid of fake news and other misinformation? How can we work together to build, achieve and sustain trustworthy and accountable information sharing ecosystems in the AI era? Can we use AI and other technological and organizational capabilities to get rid of fake news and other misinformation? How can we ensure AI deployments are used for good? How can we increase trust Read More

PCI Community Call: Regenerative Thinking with Dave Witzel

David Witzel is a coordinator of the Global Regeneration CoLab, a founder of the Regenerative Agriculture Sector Accelerator, formerly with EDF (Environmental Defense Fund), and a  founder of web development firm Forum One Communications. He was infected by the Regeneration meme about 7 years ago and is committed to understanding and advancing it. He wrote Designing Open Projects: Lessons From Internet Pioneers.

Zen and the Art of Environmental Protection

Please join me for the next fireside chat on Monday Apr. 11th, 2022, from 4:00-4:50 pm EDT featuring John Francis, PhD, Zen and the Art of Environmental Protection:

From the Youth IGF: Ukrainian Youth urgency

Help young refugees from Ukraine to find new jobs FIND OUT MORE DONATE REGISTER HERE FOR THE UPCOMING LAUNCH EVENT! Youth IGF for Ukraine! #YouthigfActs April 11, 5:30 PM CET 

Opening by Marina KALJURAND, Former Estonian Foreign Minister. 
Current Member of the European Parliament. With testimones of Ukrainian youth. REGISTER I'm Yuliya, the Youth IGF Founder. Read More

Ukraine IT Update 2022: Resilience and Leadership

Dear Colleagues, I wanted to share a quick update regarding a special CxOTalk live discussion organized by Michael Krigsman. Live on Tuesday, 12 April 2022 - he will host both Konstantin Vasyuk - Executive Director of the IT Ukraine Association, the largest association of the tech industry in Ukraine - and I for a conversation on what is Read More

PCI Community Open Mic

Greetings to the PCI Community: This Sunday 24 April at our regular time, 8:30 AM PT / 11:30 AM ET, we invite you to join us for a PCI Community Open Mic session. This is your opportunity to bring up topics you want to share, have had on your mind, or want our brain trust to consider. Read More

Meet the WSIS Gender Trendsetters

As part of WSIS' work on gender mainstreaming, WSIS Gender Trendsetters have been appointed to act as trailblazers and take action in strengthening gender equality. Each Trendsetter has chosen a specific challenge or pledge to advance gender mainstreaming efforts in the field of ICTs.

This session will provide an opportunity to meet the inaugural cohort of WSIS Trendsetters and to hear more about their respective commitments and activities for the forthcoming year.