How We All Can Be Positive #ChangeAgents

Our world is changing rapidly and there is no textbook guide to indicate where the next decade will take us. In order to encourage a better future and a more People-Centered Internet, we must be willing to encourage people to want to be positive #ChangeAgents willing to strive to make a positive difference however they can. Turbulent environments can make it challenging to figure out the right way to move forward, but if we are willing to experiment, learn, and build bridges among different groups of people with positive goals in our minds – together we can work towards a more benevolent future for all. In this article, Dr. David Bray, Executive Director for the People Centred Internet (PCI), discusses how leadership can transform turbulent environments and create change for lasting good.

Dr. Bray also provided a public keynote on this topic at George Washington University in late April 2018.


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