Mei Lin on Community Climate Clubs at Planet Positive

Photo: Afternoon tea before Planet Positive (left to right): Stephen Ozoigbo, Benedikt Signer, Julia Pope, Tamara Singh, Navroop Sadhev, Mei Lin Fung, Ross Casley, and Usha Jagannathan.

Mei Lin spoke at the first Planet Positive meeting at Stanford University on how the Community Climate Clubs can shape the future of humanity and the planet. For more on Community Climate Clubs, you can read the Think7 policy brief on Community Climate Clubs developed for the German G7 Presidency here. For the full video of the distinguished panel speaking about “The Value of an Equitable Flourishing Planet”, watch here. For highlights of Mei Lin’s interventions, including the opening with a story that Vint Cerf told at SxSW 2017, watch here.

Planet Positive is an extraordinary breakthrough campaign by the IEEE where hundreds of people from around the world came together to commit to action. PCI is honored to contribute in many ways: members of our PCI and i4j community participated in the 12 working groups.

PCI hosted a “by invitation only” workshop just outside Stanford (Mei Lin’s kitchen), where 30 people had a chance to debrief the 1.5 days of Planet Positive at Stanford and get to know each other better, facilitated by Benedikt Signer from the World Bank who is a very active and valued PCI volunteer. At the end of the session, we asked “What will you do by next Tuesday?”.

If you want to join this weekly accountability beat, reach out to Mei Lin Fung at

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