PCI and Think 7

PCI and Think 7

“We will make the most of our G7 Presidency to ensure this group of states takes on a pioneering role – in the pursuit of climate neutrality and an equitable world,”

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the handover of the G7 Presidency.

Seven Engagement Groups comment and provide stimuli for G7 topics:

  • Business community (Business7)
  • Non-governmental organizations (Civil7)
  • Trade unions (Labour7)
  • Science (Science7)
  • Think-tanks (Think7)
  • Women (Women7)
  • Youth (Youth7)

PCI was invited to be part of Think7, thanks to our multi-year fruitful cooperation with the Hasso Plattner Institute on the G20 policy paper on Clean-IT which was highlighted by the Italian G20 Presidency. In March the Global Solutions Summit brought together the Think7 and Think20 policy development processes in Berlin. For all those who are interested in the Think7/Think20 process: You can now retrieve videos of the sessions here.

PCI contributed to a remarkable number of policies listed in the publications on the taskforces, considering this was our first engagement. We stepped forward as digital can play a role in accomplishing the G7 Presidency goals. You can get an overview of all PCI-led or co-authored papers here.

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