Press Release: Dr. David Bray Joining the People Centered Internet as Executive Director

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show the Internet can be more people-centered & give people the opportunity to improve their own lives Press Release: Aug 24, 2017 08:00 PDT The People-Centered Internet coalition announces the selection of Dr. David Bray as the new Executive Director to start in late September 2017. The PCI coalition seeks to recognize Read More

Improving Lives Together: an Internet Imperative

PCI co-founder Vint Cerf and our incoming Executive Director for PCI Dr. David Bray discussed the People Centered Internet at the international Data Summit in Ireland in June 2017. The discussion focused on advances in artificial intelligence and potential intersections with both policy as well as social initiatives in Europe, the U.S., and globally. Vint Read More

Do the Internet and Automation Make Us More or Less Civilized as Societies?

By David Bray “The internet, globalization, and increasing inter-connectivity of the planet has created an environment that is cognitively very different from what most of our ancestors ever experienced.” People Centered Internet’s Senior Fellow Dr. David Bray offers reflections and insights from his “day job” as a public servant in the US government. Do you find Read More

Interview: Dr. David Bray

Senior Fellow for the People Centered Internet, David Bray was interviewed by Mei Lin Fung in May 2017. He started the idea of positive “#Change Agents” and promotes the concept of transforming Public Service so that everyone can be involved in Public Service. He has been recognized by as a top 100 global Chief Read More

Artificial Intelligence and Privacy Engineering

AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics rely on massive data sets. While holding the potential for great benefit to society, this explosion of data collection creates privacy and security risks for individuals. In this podcast episode, one of the world’s foremost privacy engineers – CxOTalk Industry Analyst Michael Krigsman – explores the broad privacy implications of data Read More

Notes from Reality: The Philosophy of AI Ethics

An Interview with Dr. David Bray by John Taschek Notes from Reality is a series of posts on AI and its impact on humans, what can be done today, and what may happen tomorrow. No one has all the answers, but we are trying to arrive at the right questions. Read John Taschek‘s interview with Read More

Connect to Thrive

Into the Digital Wild West… The Summit Connect to Thrive was co-hosted by the California Center for International Trade and People-Centered Internet on March 24th, 2017 at Skyline Community College in San Francisco. With more than 30 keynote speakers within a jam-packed day from 7.30am to 6.30pm, Connect To Thrive was more like a bootcamp than a regular Read More

Decentralized Web: meeting report

By John Ryan July 5, 2016 This June, some of the founders of the web and the Internet, called for the web to be re-thought, building in new goals of openness, and security, and permanence, moving the architecture toward a decentralized model. Many of the ideas align strongly with the founding precepts of the People-Centered Read More